Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy New year - RX480

So after a few months of existence the RX480 has become an established GPU for many users. It is powerful enough for most games and works well for an HTPC setup.

We have had many driver updates and as the product matures we have seen many fixes.

One of the annoying problem has been the problem of playing H.264 content. Many different codecs support (or try to) this scenario. Using the LAV filter (v0.69.0) using DXVA2 does not work, the picture keeps breaking up. However H.265 UHD 4K decoding using hardware acceleration works fine.  4K contents has to cope with 4 times the data conversion of H.264 and is probably more complex using HEVC. What is not too clear is where the problem lies.  As yet neither AMD or LAV developers have owned this issue !!
Initially AMD drivers mentioned the problem but that mention has been dropped as if it is not a driver problem.

For me personally this is not an issue as H.264 software decoding works and does not require any DXVA2 help.

We will see what 2017 brings to this arena.
Happy New year everyone.