Monday, 30 January 2017

219. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.
Feedback received from Engineering indicated it's a bug with the LAV filter. I'll give you more information when I'm in the officer tomorrow.

223. Re: RX480 DXVA H.264 not working.
Frank Vella
Thanks for the info Ray. If that is the case it would be useful if AMD report the issue to LAV support, that would have more clout than a message from the general public.

Question from  Veritech
Hi. I need some help. How can I watch UHD channel? What is your cpu and gpu? I really need help to setup my Dvbviewer. I have Q9400 OC 3.2 Ghz HD 7850 2gb and DDR2 8gb

Hi, UHD Channels use HEVC coded content. This is a task for a GPU , normally the CPU would be doing other operations. My 6core phenom could not cope with this. However after I purchased the AMD RX480 that was such a breeze for the UHD HEVC content to be decoded. Not sure how good your Q9400 would be at decoding HEVC using software. You can watch my demo video here Also take a look at my blog

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Thanks, I have also registered cyberlink codecs and they work fine with h264 and HW acceleration DXVA. Been running DVBviewer for a week or so now and it works fine with DXVA enabled for h264 using Cyberlink codecs.

How to connect all your gadgets at home to your tv or AV amplifier

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1 Release Notes

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition is AMD's advanced graphics software for enabling high-performance gaming and engaging VR experiences. Create, capture, and share your remarkable moments. Effortlessly boost performance and efficiency. Experience Radeon Software with industry-leading user satisfaction, rigorously-tested stability, comprehensive certification, and more.
Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1 Highlights
Support For
    • Resident Evil™ 7: Biohazard
Fixed Issues
    • Dishonored™2 may experience an application crash or hang on some Radeon R9 380 configurations.
    • Radeon ReLive may show an improper warning popup message when using Windows®7 basic themes.
    • AMD XConnect™ Technology configurations may experience a blue screen system hang when audio drivers load.
    • Solidworks™ will no longer terminate on unplug using AMD XConnect™ Technology configurations.
    • Some system configurations may experience a black screen after installing Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Editions 16.12.1 and later.
    • Display corruption or TDR may be experienced after applications wake up from a display timeout.
    • Paragon™ may experience flickering in Multi GPU with DirectX®11.
    • Radeon ReLive may crash or become unresponsive when toggling Multi GPU with Desktop Recording and/or Instant Replay enabled.
Known Issues
    • A small amount of apps may still experience issues with Borderless Fullscreen mode and AMD FreeSync™ technology if other applications or game launchers are running on the primary screen in the background.
    • Counter-Strike™: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft™ may experience flickering or performance issues the first time the game is launched on a system boot with AMD FreeSync™ technology enabled. Workarounds include exiting and restarting the application or task switching (alt+tab) in and out of the game to fix the issue.
    • Shadow Warrior 2™ may experience an application hang when launched with Multi GPU enabled.
    • Radeon RX 400 series products may experience scaling issues for some applications when using the display scaling feature.
    • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ may experience an application hang when running in Multi GPU with DirectX®12 and performing a task switch.
    • AMD Multi GPU configurations may experience a system hang or reboot during install when using tiled MST 4K or 5K displays.
    • Mouse cursor corruption may be intermittently experienced on Radeon RX 480.
Known Issues for Radeon ReLive
    • The XBOX™ DVR application may cause conflicts with Radeon ReLive, users are suggested to disable XBOX™ DVR if Radeon ReLive is experiencing issues.
    • Radeon ReLive may fail to install on AMD APU Family products or experience a system hang or failure to record when using the recording feature on AMD APU Family products.
    • Radeon ReLive may stop working after hot unplugging of a secondary display.
    • Battlefield™1 may experience UI flickering and/or performance drops when recording gameplay with Radeon ReLive on graphics products with 4GB or less of VRAM.
    • Radeon ReLive recordings or overlay may experience flicker when creating a single recording for many hours.
    • Radeon ReLive may experience minor graphical corruption for the first few recorded frames when launching UWP applications.
    • Radeon ReLive will not allow recording settings to change with Instant Replay enabled. A workaround is to disable Instant Replay and change settings then enable Instant Replay.
    • Vulkan™ applications may experience a game hang when using Radeon ReLive to record.
    • Radeon ReLive will not notify an end user of low disk space during recording.
Package Contents
The Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1 installation package contains the following:
    • Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1 Driver Version 16.50.2611
The Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1 installation package can be downloaded from the following links:
Installing Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.1.1
For detailed instructions on how to correctly uninstall or install Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition, please refer to the following support resources:
This driver is not intended for use on AMD Radeon products running in Apple Boot Camp platforms. Users of these platforms should contact their system manufacturer for driver support.

Friday, 13 January 2017

RX480 power draw, temperature and other sensors

If you use GPU-Z this gives you an indication of power draw, temperature and many other sensors on RX480

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

h264 and LAV

What we really need is someone with an NVidia or Intel Graphics to play the same vids using LAV with DXVA turned on and report back.
Looking back at the LAV fixes over the last couple of years these issues are mentioned many times. These issues are probably ignored by many software houses as the bog standard h264 works without dxva, on many apps the DXVA is turned on as default and cannot be turned off and I believe that is what is causing the corruption. However this issue is affecting many users and needs fixing.
These two video I am sharing play fine for me using WMP
They screw up when played using DVBviewer and MPC-HCx64
In MPC-HCx64 the videos also fail when LAV filter is disabled. Disabled the codec does not appear to do anything but if you change the filter DXVA settings then that does make a difference.
The unknown factor is what CODEC settings does WMP use and how to change them.
Test06012017 - 2.ts - Google Drive

Just added those videos to my DLNA streamer running from my PC and I can confirm they play perfectly on my SAMSUNG UE55KS9000, which is what is expected. The TV will have its own GPU so this seems to indicate there is no problem with the videos themselves.

yes as I mentioned before progressive scan videos work most of the time.....
I have loads of videos taken by iphones (1080p) and all play fine with LAV DXVA turned on.
AMD try this video which works with LAV h.264 ....1080p

Monday, 9 January 2017

RX480 h.264 problem update

Hi, Engineering have analysed the ciip you provided and comeback saying "the corruption you see is because the clip itself is already corrupted, the first frame is a B-frame and it does not contain and SPS/PPS."  This of course is beyond my pay grade, but I found something odd. No matter what settings I use in MPCHC, the video is corrupted. If I play the same clip in VLC is plays fine. I've gone back responding that you also experience the corruption while watching the live TV broadcast. Is this correct ?
Frank Vella
Hi Ray, thanks for your response. I can confirm that when I enable LAV filter DXVA2 with H264 hw acc, the picture is corrupt when I watch it live, same applies when I use Microsoft decoder. This issue of no SPS/PPS in the media type was supposedly fixed by LAV support team in version 0.66.0
Also in my case that video I sent you plays fine in  MPCHC and DVBviewer when I disable h264 in LAV filter. 

LAV Filters 0.68.0 out - General DVBViewer Pro/GE...

If your engineers want to remote on to my PC let me know and I will try and help. Just as an additional note other users have uploaded videos for testing and it may be an idea to get another video from someone else just in case I have something wrong with my rig.

The question you need to ask is why does everything play fine with no HW acceleration h.264 and it goes wrong with DXVA2 turned on for h.264.

 what are SPS/PPS

Just spent about half an hour changing channels (all H.264 1080i) and noticed a variety of results. The data stream can vary from approx 3MBit/s to 10MBit/s ....most of the channels with very low bit rate the picture is very bad, the HD channels with higher bit rates fare a lot better and in some cases are ready for a minute or so before you notice a failure. This obviously throws a different perspective of the problem. The channels I was looking at in the UK ....BBC1 HD, ITV1 HD Channel 4 on Freeview, also tested on Freesat channel NHK World HD the picture is totally frozen ( the sound is OK).

01-09_22-57-32_NHK World HD_NHK Newsline.ts - Goo... 

​The above video just recorded from NHK World HD the picture totally freezes when played live or recorded using H264 HW acc DXVA, when turned off it plays fine.  This was taken off fresat  (DVB-S2) so is different transmission type just in case it was DVB-T2 that was causing the issue.

btw Ray, when I play the first video I sent you on Friday in MPCHC with h.264 turned off in LAV it plays fine for me. Don't forget that if you use another decoder it may have H.264 HW acc turned on as default so may be initiating DXVA HW acceleration.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Problem reproduced by AMD

Hey everyone , problem has been reproduced by AMD, so now give them some time to analyse.
I uploaded a video and they could reproduce.

Quote from AMD

"Okay, I enabled DXVA in MPCHC and can immediately see the issue. Off to Engineering it goes"

MPC and DVBviewer h.264 problem using LAV filter.
Can be reproduced at any time.
These were done on a pre-recorded TV programme.