Tuesday, 10 January 2017

h264 and LAV

What we really need is someone with an NVidia or Intel Graphics to play the same vids using LAV with DXVA turned on and report back.
Looking back at the LAV fixes over the last couple of years these issues are mentioned many times. These issues are probably ignored by many software houses as the bog standard h264 works without dxva, on many apps the DXVA is turned on as default and cannot be turned off and I believe that is what is causing the corruption. However this issue is affecting many users and needs fixing.
These two video I am sharing play fine for me using WMP
They screw up when played using DVBviewer and MPC-HCx64
In MPC-HCx64 the videos also fail when LAV filter is disabled. Disabled the codec does not appear to do anything but if you change the filter DXVA settings then that does make a difference.
The unknown factor is what CODEC settings does WMP use and how to change them.
Test06012017 - 2.ts - Google Drive

Just added those videos to my DLNA streamer running from my PC and I can confirm they play perfectly on my SAMSUNG UE55KS9000, which is what is expected. The TV will have its own GPU so this seems to indicate there is no problem with the videos themselves.

yes as I mentioned before progressive scan videos work most of the time.....
I have loads of videos taken by iphones (1080p) and all play fine with LAV DXVA turned on.
AMD try this video which works with LAV h.264 ....1080p