Saturday, 3 September 2016

AMD RX480 
Polaris 10 GPU architecture

I had been waiting for my next GPU for a while. Deciding was brutal. Did I want to spend a fortune (about £600) and get the NVIDIA GTX 1080 ? At the end of the day I was after a GPU which could be part of my HTPC able to decode HEVC. 

I use DVBviwer as part of my HTPC setup which is a brilliant program. RX480  works very well with DVBviewer. It can decode HEVC on the fly so works for Astra UHD broadcasts 4K @ 50 fps.

I have created a video showing the RX480 playing a 4K UHD transmission if you care to take a look. If anyone wants to ask anything about the setup feel free to do so.