Monday, 19 September 2016

DXVA issue being looked at by AMD

Message from AMD

Hey, just letting you know AMD is in the process of looking at your reported issue. We are in the process of trying to reproduce the issue locally. It isn't as black and white an issue as it seems. We extensively test H264/H265 decoding during validation so please be assured we didn't ignore a problem from the get go. Anyway! Hopefully I can reproduce this issue, if not I'll try to follow up with you here.


As AMD are looking into just be patient I suggest.
By the way H264 decoding is really not a big deal. Any midrange CPU can cope with that , in fact my Phenom 1100T CPU which is about 7 years old copes with decoding that using about 5% of CPU....H265 works it is not a big deal.

By the way the answer to the DVBviewer query is yes the recorded video playback also corrupts the image when DXVA is turned on for h264.