Saturday, 3 September 2016

RX480 crashing to a coloured screen

Started experiencing a coloured screen crash which would leave a PC in an unusable state. Only option was to press the reet button, shutdown or sleep (if you have an option for that function). This is not a good scenario as folk started loosing work etc... I reported issue to AMD.

I provided many videos to assist AMD tech support to get an idea what was happening.
This is a video of the RX480 after the PC suffered a white screen, managed to suspend PC and then restarted which recovered the screen. The GPU is at 100% load and temp is going up steadily. You can see the CPU is not doing anything and most of the apps have been shut down. After this restarted the PC and it went to GPU load of 1% something triggered this 100% load.
This needs to be looked at by AMD tech ASAP !!! BTW I have 16.7.3 WHL driver.

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